is a tower defense game without towers,
a refreshing strategy game for everyone.

  I'm giving the game 5 stars, because I love everything about it. I will be playing until the brutal bitter end and loving all of it.  
  Mallary, AppGamer  
  The concept is simple and different enough to separate this one from the rest, and it’s just a nice breath of fresh air when you think about it.  
  Christine Chan, AppAdvice  
  I can’t recommend it strongly enough. It’s a unique spin on tower defense that’s easily worth the price of admission.  
  Tom Christiansen, Gamezebo  
  Tiny Guardians is a smart and stylish hybrid with a lot of thought and polish behind it.  
  Dora, JayIsGames  
Lunalie sets off on a quest in search of
her Master. Her only weapons are Ruemas cards;
cards that allow their users to summon heroes.

Follow Lunalie on her journey,
and wield 12 unique class cards as you
traverse through dangerous terrains.
Unique Tower Defense
Designed to welcome casual players to the genre, with other features to satisfy hardcore tower defense players.

Play to collect all the guardians, or to get all the stars!
12 Unique Classes
With 12 classes (and 5 levels each), there are various party combinations to try out.

Experiment and pick a combination that matches your playstyle!
Diverse Enemy Types
Over forty enemy types to defeat along your adventure. There will be no two enemies that are the same.

Which classes will you use to defend against different enemy waves?
Nifty Upgrades
Try other upgrade branches when using different party combinations. Upgrades can be refreshed to support your strategies.

Lunalie's summoner skills are also upgradable to help you in battle!
Events and Surprises
Special events await you inside certain levels, and surprises can be found throughout Lunalie's journey.

Look forward to exciting boss fights and interesting characters to meet!
Up For A Challenge?
Each level comes in 2 modes and 3 difficulties: Story and Challenge modes, with easy, medium and hard difficulties for those who want to take it to the limit!

Earn extra stars by completing a level in Challenge Mode.
Tiny Guardians Press Kit includes App Icon, Logo, Trailer video and screenshots.
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